Earthpeace Monument | Pilgrim Stories - Jim Lamb - Peace Vigil
A contemporary Yule marble sculpture symbolizing the dove nestling a bronze globe inscribed with Peace in 45 languages recognizing generations of lives lived in service to promote peace in the US and around the world
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Jim Lamb – Peace Vigil

Pilgrim’s Promote Peace

12 Years of Peace Vigil

No one organized Pilgrim Place to demonstrate for Peace. Residents of this intentional community saw some Quakers quietly standing at the four corners of a busy intersection.  So, Pilgrims, like Jim Lamb began joining them and more came each week– for twelve years!  And they’re still doing it!

“Yes, said Jim. “We never miss.  Fifty two weeks every year.  Each of us arrives, finds a place unoccupied, then lifts a sign toward cars as they whiz by or pause at the stop light.  I never wear sun glasses.  I want to see the eyes of every driver, every child— exchange vision-encourage belief that we can care about each other, regardless of possible differences.  I come from a spiritual community and want to promote another, in our brief encounter.

Once, we were often called ugly names, sometimes cursed, subjected to vicious finger messages.  But, we sought to connect.  Peace making and justice making are fundamentally about connecting.  Now, it seems hard for many drivers and their passengers not to return our smiles, and waves and gestures of peace.  They may not agree with every sign’s message, but most, I believe, instinctively want to be more than resentful individuals.

Sometimes, smiling, waving students; moms, with kids strapped in the back seats; truck drivers or commuters, gift us with meaningful responses to our hearts and commitment.  Sometimes, when five or ten consecutive vehicles drive by with passengers applauding what we seek to witness… it seems like a stage where a marvelous symphony orchestra is rendering beautiful music— a Peace and Justice Symphony.

Peace making and justice making are fundamentally about connecting

Before coming to Pilgrim Place, Jim was the second director of the only Catholic Lay Organization in North America, for families and single men.  With a Graduate degree from Columbia University, Jim served as Program Director of the Ecumenical Institute in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  As director of St Martins Homeless Center in Albuquerque he created a Sweatshop Free Coalition.  Later, he taught at Boston Theological Institute and before coming to Pilgrim Place, was Founder, Director for the Center for the Study and Development of Social Change on Harvard Square in Cambridge.

– by Constance Waddell

Jim Lamb – Peace Vigil