Earthpeace Monument | Be a Peace Partner
A contemporary Yule marble sculpture symbolizing the dove nestling a bronze globe inscribed with Peace in 50 languages recognizing generations of lives lived in service to promote peace in the US and around the world
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Be a Peace Partner

Would you like to be a part of making this Monument to Peace a REALITY?

This Monument to Peace and those Pilgrims who have given their all for 100 years is a grand undertaking we have all embarked on- on faith.  There are many ways you can help- even ways no one has thought of yet.  Volunteer to be a Peace Partner and help us transform this dream into a marble and bronze symbol of PEACE. Get in touch HERE and become a Peace Partner.

You Can Be a Peace Partner

How Do I Love Peace? Let Me Count the Ways

Donate for Creation of the Monument

Labor of Love and Sweet Inspiration are not quite enough to create and install a monument of marble and bronze.  SENDING A CHECK means every penny goes to the monument.  Or use the convenience of Credit Card or Paypal donation which is as fast and easy as it gets (scroll Down and hit the DONATE button).  Be assured that the Earthpeace Monument Project is fully 501 c3 compliant and thus tax-deductible.  This stuff not only makes the world go ’round, but is able to pull marble from the very mountains of the Earth!

Use AMAZON SMILE - Generosity at NO COST to you!

How great is this?  Just a simple sign up and when you purchase from Amazon- they donate to help build the monument.  Not a cent from your pocket, yet you’ve directed a donation!  Go HERE.  Tell all your friends that shop Amazon.  Works with Amazon Prime and Business accounts, too.


“Like” and “Share” Earthpeace Monument facebook page with all your friends (use “public” status so they can in turn share with their friends)
E-mail your contacts about this historic monument and invite them to visit this wwwebsite.
Request an Earthpeace Partner T-shirt (with a $30 or more donation) and wear it as a conversation starter.
Share with your friends and contacts who you have recognized and honored as an Earthpeace Partner.


There are number of opportunities to help that range from tasks associated with producing the sculpture, preparation of the foundation and base for installation to preparation and participation in the unveiling and dedication September 2015.  We need help!  Look at this lame wwweb page, for instance.  Updated sporadically and seldom conveying the information you want.  We need help!  And organizational skills and availability in Claremont before the great soiree of the unveiling – Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Pilgrim Place and part of those Centennial Festivities and also part of Peace One Day 2015.  Join us!  Get in touch.


From your exotic locale, face the camera (cell ‘phone is fine) and make a little motion picture of you and/or your friends and/or a great big ol’ crowd saying: “EARTHPEACE!  I’M AN EARTHPEACE PARTNER!  Say it in English.  Say it in one of the 50 languages of PEACE going on the peace bronze globe.  Say it in any language, but say it.  Then post it on our Vine Channel.  Or Youtube/Vimeo or a free file server like zippyshare and send us the link.  The director of the mashup versions requests LANDSCAPE (HORIZONTAL) aspect when you shoot it. They end up on our Youtube Channel– and a good time is had by all.

Spiritual Guidance Requests

We’ve all bitten off a a great bite and must chew chew chew.  If you feel led in thought, prayer and meditation to have us shown the way to make this dream of a monument to Peace become a reality- we surely can use it.  Amen.